Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weight Watchers Body Fat Analysis Scale

I am throwing out my old scale and going with a new scale that doesn't just show me my weight.  That alone is extremely frustrating!  So I looked online for one that would tell me my BMI and of course Water weight.  I browsed through some pretty pricey scales until I found this inpaticular scale.  Don't let the name Weight Watchers fool you.  I am not doing any plans with Weight Watchers or any other program for that matter.  This just happens to be the scale I need. 

So this took me a coupl eminutes to setup (very user friendly) I set it up, took me 2 minutes including the time to read the instructions.  All you need to know is your age and height.  That was easy enough.  I programmed myself as user 1 and plugged in all my info.  Next I stepped on the scale with my clothes on.  I was wearing workout clothes including sports bra, Yoga Pants and jacket and a simple t-shirt from the Gap.  V-Neck with a small pocket if you need to know specifics, LOL!  I am sure you don't but thought it would be funny to some. 

Back to the scale.  It read 184.4 with all my clothes on.  I told you I was between 179 and 190 to begin with right??  Well I was always told you should weigh yourself in the morning before you do anything and weigh yourself naked.  Since it was 7:00 until I received the scale I had to play with right away, so I decided to check my naked weight.  Would you believe it said 182 lbs exact.  Who knew clothes weighed that much!?!  Anyway, I am weighing myself in the morning and then I am done for the week.  So I will be updating my weight every Friday morning for those who are interested.  Like I said in earlier posts I am not interested in weighing myself everyday.  That only leads to frustration.  So keep checking in to see what I am eating and how i am doing with keeping the weight off.  Hopefully you will catch me in a couple months when I fit into my "Skinny Jeans"  :)

If you would like to purchase the exact scale I bought you can check it out here

Weight Watchers Body Analysis and Weight Tracker Scale 

Don't forget to take off your socks when weighing yourself :)

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