Monday, January 10, 2011

Nuts About Granola - Perfect "To Go" Snack for Healthy Eating

(Don't worry, No Granola was wasted during or after the Photo Shoot!  I snacked on the Yummy "Johnny Appleseed" Granola the whole time.) 

I have found that one thing always stays true when trying to lose weight the Healthy Way.  Staying Hungry is a disaster for grabbing Calorie and Fat Loaded snacks.  So I always carry a little travel sized bag of Nuts About Granola along with me in my purse.  It is like a staple right next to the Lip Gloss :) 

I consider it my secret weapon in fighting crime, ok, maybe I went a little too far........More like my secret weapon to Healthy Weight Loss.  It never fails when I run to the store to grab something "quick" I am hit with a huge hunger attack.  Having three kids doesn't make it any easier.  All I hear in the car is "I'm hungry" or "Can I have a Snack" or my personal favorite "my belly hurts".  So I need to be prepared with something healthy and good for the whole family to enjoy.  Otherwise I will have three kids, with empty stomachs. all yelling, whining, and screaming at each other in the car.  Any mother knows this is not a good time and can probably relate. 

So I am Super Thankful for these adorable Snack Sized Packs of Granola from Nuts About Granola to help me fight crime...I mean Hunger, and get back into my "Skinny Jeans" :)  Giving me the perfect Healthy Snack to control my hunger and get through the day!


Check out the Website where you can Order Granola Online to be shipped to your door!  Check Out the Awesome flavors too :)


  1. I love Nuts About Granola! I came up with my own "Carrot Cake" granola since thiers is seasonal, I should have it posted tomorrow! you'll have to give it a try-I'm making it with real carrots baked right in : )

  2. We make our's with real, locally grown, carrots :)