Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuna Fish and Egg Salad Fish Shaped Sandwich Recipes for Healthy Kids!

Having 3 kids isn't always easy especially when 1 of them is a picky eater, 2 of them will pretty much eat anything, and then there is me "Mom" trying to eat Healthy while having a husband who loves Carbs, Carbs, and More Carbs. 

Yes this is my battle everyday, so you can imagine my relief when the 1 picky eater, 1 good eater, and the Carb loving Husband are at school or work for the day.  Then it is Emma (1 good eater) and I left to tackle Lunch :)  While she is with me I really try to involve her in my cooking, and cleaning for the day.  So we came up with this great Kid Friendly Recipe that is probably a favorite in your home as well.  She doesn't care for Tuna and for me it is one of the Healthiest things for me to eat while trying to Lose Weight.  So Emma makes her Egg Salad Fishy Shaped Sandwich while I eat my Yummy Tuna Salad, in a Joseph's Wrap, of course :)

Here's the Recipe:

Egg Salad Fishy Sandwich Recipe For Kids

  • 3-4 Large Hard Boiled Eggs (Remove Shells and Chop egg whites into small pieces and mashing yolks with a fork)
  • 2Tbsp. Low Fat Mayo or Miracle Whip
  • Little Squirt of Mustard (yes this is how I measure sometimes)
  • 2% Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese (We used a mexican cheese blend because we had it on hand)
  • Tiny bit of Tuna (This is where I sneak in a little Tuna just for the added nutrients) I use the leftover tuna for my lunch
  • 1 Tbsp. Puree of Choice (I like to use Squash because the color and taste aren't so noticeable, you could use Cauliflower as well.)
  • 1 slice of Whole Wheat Bread
  • 1 Fish Shaped Cookie Cutter

Mix together the Mayo, Mustard and Puree into a seperate bowl.  I then put the remaining ingredients into seperate bowls (hiding the tuna, to add after the next step) 

My daughter stands on her stool at the counter and I let her mix the Mayo mixture in with the Egg Mixture (diced Egg white and Mashed Egg Yolk).  I then take the bowl out of site and add a tiny amount of tuna (and I mean slightest amount, maybe a 1/2 Tbsp.)

Next you can toast the Whole Wheat bread slice or leave it plain if your child doesn't like toast (mine does).

Then use the fishy cookie cutter and cut out two shapes from the one slice.

Then I let my daughter spoon some of the Egg Salad onto one bread slice and she then sprinkles some cheese onto it and places the top piece of toast on. 

I dice up some Carrots for her to snack on with her sandwich, set her at the table, and mix up the rest of the tuna with 1-2 Tbsp of the Reduced Fat mayo for myself.  Place on a Joseph's Pita and add some Romaine Lettuce. 

Eat and Enjoy the fact that you are both eating healthy :)


  1. Amy, thanks for sending me this! Love it! I will give a try.

  2. where did you find the fish shaped cookie cutter!?> Thanks!

    Nicole Mealing

  3. It was in a pack of sea animal cookie cutters from T.J. Maxx, I saw the same cookie cutter sets at A.C. Moore in Dinosaurs and other shapes. Hope this helps :)