Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BodyMedia FIT Arm Bands for Weight Loss

I have been researching these BodyMedia Arm Bands for a little while now.  In my opinion it is kind of like the GPS to Weight Loss.  It monitors some key things for successful weight loss meaning it makes your job a whole lot easier.  I thought o.k. sure, when first reading it, tell me how many calories you "think" I burned, and how many "steps" you think I have taken?

I kept on reading and come to find out that the BodyMedia Arm Bands are actually 90% accurate.  They not only monitor "How Active You Are" and "Your Calories Burned" but "Quantity and Quality of Sleep" as well.  I just posted about Sleep in Healthy Weight Loss the other day, so this was a great solution for me.  I really want to see how well I am sleeping.  Between my husband snoring and my youngest sneaking into our bed (always on my side) around 4 or 5 a.m. I am thinking my sleep is pretty interrupted.  So the days I am getting a good nights sleep, I feel I should reward myself for working harder :)

Until I receive one of these things I will have to keep manually tracking my calories and excercise which works for now.  Although I cannot wait to Buy a BodyMedia FIT Arm Band or magically receive one in the mail :)  Until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed just incase it magically appears in the mail one day. I will keep everyone posted if either of those happen and just how much I Love It or Not so much??

If you would like to Buy BodyMedia Arm Bands visit there website and check it our for yourself.  You might be surprised!  Please Share if you Like it, Love it, or Not So Much, I would love to hear any feedback especially if you are reading this and already own one!

BodyMedia Arm Bands have "Apps available for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones".

You can also Follow BodyMedia FIT on Facebook!  While you are there don't forget to Follow Skinny Jeans Amy on Facebook too!

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