Thursday, February 9, 2012

Losing Weight and Keeping it Off - Healthy Restaurant Choices

The truth for me is.... eating more vegetables in my diet which is leading to more fat being burned at workouts and me feeling fuller on less.  This picture illustrates it perfectly. 

After juicing on December 30th for a week and a half, and then going on vacation.  I managed to lose 10 lbs and keep it off by choosing more vegetables throughout my day and when going out to eat.  Going on vacation and not gaining 10 lbs was a huge accomplishment for me :)  I had some help by choosing restaurants that had healthy choices like calories posted on their menus.  IHOP, and Chevy's Fresh Mex were two I frequented regularly.  I would normally order a Burrito from Chevy's and when I saw how many calories it contained (almost a whole days worth for me) I changed my mind to a salad and better yet they had a half portion!!  Wish more restaurants would do this. 

This Omelet from IHOP was around 380 calories not bad for a 1300 calorie day.  It even had swiss cheese on it which was surprising because I find myself getting alot of things without cheese to save on calories and fat.  This was definitely a Healthy Restaurant Choice.

The half portion of this bottom salad was around 400 calories (dressing was extra) but they have a salsa vinagrette which was really good and only 50 calories.  Another Healthy Restaurant choice

So you can go out to eat on vacation without sacraficing all of your calories on one meal.  Just remember Vegetables are your friend.  For dinner try an entree with fish and fresh vegetables.  Try taking only a bite or two of carbs to satisfy that craving if your like me :)  It's best to just ask ahead of time to keep the Dinner Rolls in the back. 

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