Saturday, May 26, 2012

Juice Fast down 20 lbs

So here I am!!  Down 20 lbs and feel great, feel like I look great too :)  Still have weight to lose but very happy with where I am at.  Best part of all I fit into my Skinny Jeans!!!!  Yes my skinny size 10 jeans :)  I can't believe that drinking juice is this amazing and am only sad I didn't discover it sooner.  I have alot of family and friends asking me how I lost my weight so I wanted to post the basic steps of where to start here.

  • Sign up on (I did this straight from my phone through a Mobile App which is perfect for tracking calories.  It also gives you an estimate of the number of calories YOU need based on your age, height, and weight.  Super easy to use) and no I am not getting paid to reccomend this site.  This what worked for me to achieve my actual results.
  • Watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (this moving can change your life)
  • Buy a Breville Juicer already you are going to need it :)
  • Buy lots of Fresh Organic Fruits and Veggies to begin your juicing journey!! 
  • Don't be afraid of going to the gym.  Take walks around your neighborhood if you like.  A walk can do wonders for stress. 
What are you waiting for??


  1. Hi & congrats!!
    Did you exclusively juice for all your meals, or juice for some?
    & how long did it take you to drop the 20lbs??

  2. my hubby and i have been juicinf for 3 months i have lost 16 pounds he has lost 30 pounds. still keeping motivated. and this is with just at least one 20 ounce juice a day and completely changed our eating habits. yes, after watching fat sick and nearly dead and forks over knives and the engine 2 diet documentary .. it's a lot of discipline but we have managed. great job!!! I plan to continue i still have a lot more to loose. =)